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Design your website, Build your future!

Do you want to promote your personal, agency or business online?  Building your own website is a quick and easy way. Here we have some suggestion or options for you: Create by yourself, Get our training or Authorize us to do. 

1.Create By Yourself – for free

If you are familiar with email, online shopping and picture editing, you are able to build a website for yourself  after you finish some online learning such as

       How To Make A WordPress Website With Elementor – 2022

2. Get our training or help – save time and money

If you still need our training or help to create more professional websites, you are welcome to contact us to make an appointment. Oue fees is $199/day/person ( 6 hours) .

3. Authorize us to do – professional

Some ecommerce or customizing websites could need more knowledge and skill to develop, you can let us to build it for you. Its fees depend on the project work. See the details at Vandica Web Design

4. What websites you need

4.1 Informational  websites (Personal, Portfolio, Blog, Agency, Business)

4.2 Membership website

4.3 eCommerce/shopping website

4.4 eCommerce/booking website

4.5 Multilingual Website

5. More things you might need

Except for creating a website itself, you might need to do more things like Security Firewall, Backups, SEO, Google Analytics/Google Search Console, Google My Business …

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